Carpenter Ants: A Guide To Identification And Control For Brighton Homeowners

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Have you ever noticed an ant inside your home and thought it looked a bit bigger than typical ants? This is not an uncommon thing to wonder about. It is also something that should cause you concern. Why? Because the largest ants in Brighton are carpenter ants. We are going to take some time today to talk about these terrible local pests and offer some options to get and keep these destructive bugs out of your home. Call our team at First Choice Pest Control for information about our advanced service and to learn how we handle these invasive insects. Keep reading to learn more about carpenter ants and what pest control in Brighton works best for these invaders.

Characteristics Of Carpenter Ants: A Guide To Accurate Identification

Carpenter ants are arguably one of the easier types of ants to identify here in Brighton. This is for a few reasons. To start, these pests are typically large. They can grow to be ?” long and have larger mandibles which they use to chew through wooden structures. Depending on the species, carpenter ants can be black, red, or a combination of these colors. If these bugs have been chewing away at your home for a long enough time, you will start to notice signs of structural damage. Our team at First Choice Pest Control is adept at identifying early signs of carpenter ants. If you suspect you have an active problem, bring us in to help you find out for certain. 

Carpenter Ant Problems: Health Concerns And Structural Damage

Of all of the ants here in Brighton, carpenter ants are one of the worst. Not only are these bugs annoying with the way they invade living areas and steal food, but they are also incredibly destructive. When looking for places to build nests, these bugs almost always settle on large wooden structures like trees, stumps, and the structural wood of homes. Carpenter ants especially love wood that is water-damaged, rotting, or in decay. If these bugs settle into your home, they will cause moderate damage over the course of several months. The earlier you notice a problem, the less repair work will be needed to address issues these pests cause.

Professional Assistance: Vital To Total Carpenter Ant Control

Sometimes it is hard to know when to bring in a pest control professional for pests like carpenter ants. We always recommend preemptive prevention over reactive control. This can save you a lot of money in the long run. This said, if you need to get rid of carpenter ants fast, we have options for you at First Choice Pest Control. We also have comprehensive year-round pest and ant control plans to keep all sorts of invasive creatures away from your property. All you need to do is give us a call. We will work out the details and schedule you for a service visit.

Prevention Is Key: Tips To Prevent Carpenter Ants From Coming Back

Professional pest prevention will always be the best way to keep carpenter ants away from your Brighton home. If you have some time on your hands or cannot afford professional home pest control, here are some things that will help you deter these pests.

  • Keep your home clean.
  • Seal damage and potential entry points around your home’s exterior.
  • Address moisture problems.
  • Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.
  • Store food away inside air-tight containers.

Reach out to our team at First Choice Pest Control to learn about our affordable and effective ant control service plans to handle pests like carpenter ants in Brighton.

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