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  • Wildlife

    • What are the potential dangers associated with wildlife intrusions?
      Wildlife intrusions in Brighton, MI can bring several risks and dangers. They can cause property damage by chewing through wires and structures, leading to fire hazards and costly repairs. Wildlife can also transmit diseases like rabies, leptospirosis, and histoplasmosis, posing health risks. Allergens from animal droppings can trigger allergies and respiratory issues. Aggressive behavior and ecological imbalances are additional concerns. Promptly addressing wildlife intrusions with the help of a professional wildlife control company, such as First Choice Pest Control, minimizes these risks, ensuring trouble-free and effective removal while protecting your property, health, and local ecosystem.
    • How can I determine if I have a wildlife problem on my property?
      There are several signs to watch for that may indicate the presence of wildlife pests. Keep an ear out for strange noises like scratching, scurrying, or chirping sounds, particularly in the attic, walls, or crawl spaces. Property damage, such as chewed wires, torn insulation, or holes in walls, can also be indicative of wildlife activity. Pay attention to any persistent foul odors resembling urine or feces, as some animals mark their territory with strong-smelling secretions. Look for droppings or urine stains and tracks or footprints near your property, especially in muddy areas, as these can help identify the type of wildlife present. Lastly, visual sightings of wildlife, such as raccoons, squirrels, or skunks, during daylight hours when they are typically more active, may suggest an infestation.
    • How can I prevent wildlife issues on my property?

      Preventing future wildlife issues on your property in Brighton, MI is crucial. Here are some tips:

      • Secure waste and food sources by sealing garbage cans and removing fallen fruits or pet food.
      • Seal entry points to your property to keep wildlife out.
      • Trim vegetation near your home to discourage animals from accessing it.
      • Install fences around vulnerable areas like gardens and decks.
      • Secure attic vents and chimney openings with screens or covers.
      • Keep your yard clean and tidy by removing clutter and debris.

      Taking these steps can significantly reduce the likelihood of wildlife intrusions. For professional assistance, contact First Choice Pest Control to prevent and resolve wildlife issues on your property. We're your go-to for effective wildlife and home pest control in Brighton.

  • Mosquitos, Fleas, Ticks

    • How often do you treat for mosquitos, fleas, and ticks?
      The professionals at First Choice Pest Control offer mosquito, flea, and tick control during the active season. We provide once monthly services every 30 days to ensure your property stays protected. You can rely on our team to defend your lawn from April 1 to October 31. That said, we also provide one-time services for holidays, events, and other special occasions. Feel free to give us a call to learn more about what we offer.
    • Does your mosquito, flea, and tick control service come with a guarantee?
      Yes. Every treatment for outdoor mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks comes with a 30-day pest-free guarantee. If for some reason pests return between visits to plague your home or business, our professionals can perform free callbacks to spot-treat the affected areas. We are passionate about providing excellent service all throughout the active season, which means you can rest easy from April to October knowing your property is in good hands. Please note we also offer 30-day guarantees on our one-time services.
    • Do you also provide interior flea control?
      Yes. In addition to our exterior mosquito, tick, and flea control, we also provide interior flea management for unexpected infestations. We provide customer prep sheets, broadcast treatments, and reservices as necessary to get rid of pesky fleas bedded down inside your home or business. Feel free to give us a call today to chat more about interior flea control in Brighton.
  • Singing Insects

    • What products do you use to get rid of stinging insects?
      Stinging insect infestations may vary widely depending on the species in question. For this reason, the treatments used by our team of experts rely on the type and severity of your infestation. We typically use a combination of liquid treatments with other specialized tools. You’re welcome to give us a call to chat more about our products in greater detail.
    • What species of stinging insect do you remove in Brighton?
      The professional team at First Choice Pest Control understands the intensity of stinging insect infestations. That’s why we pursue a holistic approach in all our treatment endeavors. We currently address species such as bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and mud daubers. However, if you have a special request, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We strive to help all our customers deal with any insect that stings.
    • Do you offer a warranty on your stinging insect control services?
      Yes! First Choice Pest Control offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our stinging insect removal services. We promise to get rid of the worst stinging insects completely, or we’ll come back to make things right. If our treatment doesn’t eliminate existing colonies within five days, we return to re-treat and remove any stinging insects still lingering around your property. That’s a promise you can count on!
  • Rodents

    • What types of rodents do you treat in Brighton?
      First Choice Pest Control knows there are many different species of rodents in Brighton, which is why we offer one-stop-shop treatments for four different types of rodents and associated pests: rats, mice, moles, and voles. Each of these pests require targeted treatments and specialized products to remove from infested locations. Thankfully, our team is experienced with removing each pest via continual training and hands-on expertise. You’re welcome to contact us today to chat more about our rodent control solutions.
    • Do you offer any rodent exclusion services for home and business owners?
      Yes. First Choice Pest Control is happy to provide exclusion work for rodent infestations in Brighton. We use carefully curated products and a plethora of hands-on experience to caulk cracks, crevices, gaps, and other vulnerable areas. We’re proud to rely on high-quality materials that will stand up against time, weather, and rodents. For example, our rodent caulk comes with a unique metal to prevent pests from getting back inside, as well as a high-end finish you can paint over to prevent rodent infestations without altering the look of your property. To learn more, call First Choice Pest Control today.
    • How do you get rid of burrowing pests like moles and voles?
      First Choice Pest Control believes in getting the job done right the first time, which is why we rely on BurrowRX to get rid of rodents. BurrowRX is a specialized carbon monoxide device designed to eliminate burrowing pests with ease. Once we fill our machine with enterprise-grade smoke oil and insert the nozzle below the soil, we can quickly locate tunnels and their networks to focus our efforts in a more effective way. Interested in learning more about BurrowRX and how it can help your property? Just reach out to First Choice Pest Control today to learn more.
  • Fleas

    • Can I handle flea control on my own using store-bought products?
      While there are various over-the-counter products available for flea control, they often provide only temporary relief and may not effectively address the underlying infestation. Hiring an experienced professional is by far the best way to get rid of fleas in your house. Fleas can be resilient pests, and their eggs, larvae, and pupae can be hidden in hard-to-reach areas. Our trained technicians have the knowledge, experience, and access to professional-grade products that are specifically formulated to combat fleas at every stage of their life cycle. By choosing our services, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will thoroughly treat your home, targeting both adult fleas and their eggs to break the cycle and prevent reinfestation.
    • What happens if the fleas return after the treatment?
      At First Choice Pest Control, we are committed to providing long-lasting results and ensuring your satisfaction. In the rare event that fleas return within 90 days of our treatment, we offer free callbacks to address the issue. Our service is guaranteed for 90 days, and we stand behind the effectiveness of our treatments. Our team will reevaluate the situation, identify any potential reasons for the recurrence, and take necessary steps to resolve the problem promptly. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we will go above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.
    • How can I prevent fleas from returning in the future?
      Here are some preventive measures you can take: Regularly vacuum and clean your home, focusing on carpets, upholstery, and pet bedding, to remove any potential flea eggs, larvae, or adults. Wash bedding, pet items, and your own clothing in hot water to kill fleas and eggs. Groom your pets regularly and use a flea comb to catch any fleas or eggs. Keep your yard well maintained by mowing the lawn and trimming shrubs. Administer appropriate flea treatments to your pets as recommended by your veterinarian. By following these preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of future flea infestations and enjoy a flea-free home environment.
  • Bed Bugs

    • Do I need to prepare anything for your bed bug control treatments?
      First Choice Pest Control offers comprehensive prep sheets before each and every bed bug treatment. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge support with a backbone of prevention built into your services. First, we supply all the information you need to know about bed bug control and management. Next, we offer step-by-step details about what you need to accomplish before our treatment. Finally, we provide information regarding next steps, including what you can expect from our visit. If you’re interested in reading our bed bug control prep sheet in advance, feel free to give us a call and chat about the details.
    • How long does it take to get rid of bed bugs around Brighton?
      The speed at which we can remove bed bug infestations largely depends on your property. However, we do offer three treatments on a biweekly basis, which means we can remove bed bugs at an expedient rate. Keep in mind this does not account for rescheduling or preparatory timelines for your property. It’s better to get a more comprehensive timeline by chatting with First Choice Pest Control at your earliest convenience.
    • Do you offer a bed bug control guarantee?
      Yes. First Choice Pest Control stands behind our bed bug control services, which is why we offer a 30-day bed bug guarantee on all our bed bug treatments. We give you our word that your property stays bed bug-free, or we promise to come back out and make things right. In the unlikely event bed bugs return to your home or business, we provide spot treatments at no extra charge to you. Curious to learn more about our pest-free guarantees? Feel free to complete our online contact form.
  • Carpenter Ant

    • Do you offer a pest-free guarantee on your carpenter ant programs?
      Yes. First Choice Pest Control understands how serious carpenter ant infestations can be, which is why we offer 100% ant-free guarantees for a full year after treatment. You don’t need to worry about recurring infestations, and you don’t have to consider the cost of shoddy work. Our experienced professionals can help your pest control efforts succeed with 365 days of ongoing protection.
    • What products do you use to control carpenter ants in Brighton?
      Since no two carpenter ant infestations are alike, the professional crew at First Choice Pest Control relies on 100% customized solutions. Not only do we adapt our approaches to meet your unique needs, but we rely on hand-picked products to address any and every situation. We prefer to use liquid and dust treatments to address carpenter ants at their source, then provide ongoing barrier treatments throughout the year to protect your home or business. Call us today to learn more.
    • Do you provide free carpenter control estimates in Brighton?
      Yes. All carpenter ant estimates from First Choice Pest Control are free and no-obligation. We're happy to provide a no-cost quote at the end of our inspection so you can make an informed decision about next steps and expectations. Keep in mind we offer same-day and emergency services to accommodate pressing issues. If you need some help or an extra hand, you can rely on our hardworking team!