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Nuisance wildlife removal around your Brighton, Michigan, property is essential if you want to keep troublesome animals away from your property. Our team of professional service technicians at First Choice Pest Control will help you understand how to defeat problematic wildlife and provide you with removal solutions that clear your property of these potentially dangerous animals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wildlife

What are some types of nuisance wildlife?

Nuisance wildlife includes wildlife animals that have the potential to cause major problems around human structures when they decide to settle there. In our area, nuisance wildlife that is commonly encountered includes raccoons, groundhogs, opossums, and squirrels. Each of these pests may invade your property’s outdoor or indoor spaces and create havoc as they scavenge for food, create their nests, and leave behind droppings.

Wildlife removal is essential to defeating these nuisance pests, and you shouldn’t attempt to confront raccoons, groundhogs, opossums, or squirrels alone, as infestations do present serious health and safety risks.

Is nuisance wildlife dangerous?

Though many individuals think that wildlife animals are cute, these pests can be quite dangerous and should be treated with caution. Not only do all wildlife animals have the ability to scratch and bite humans, but they easily transmit diseases by interacting with and living around humans. The wildlife in our area are carriers of serious illnesses such as raccoon roundworm, ringworm, and tularemia, among many others.

Additionally, all nuisance wildlife has the potential for introducing ticks, fleas, and mites to your property, something that leads to future infestation problems and further health issues. The droppings that wildlife leaves behind in outdoor and indoor areas also create unhygienic areas and may trigger allergic reactions.

Why do I have a nuisance wildlife problem?

Wildlife is typically attracted to properties that are hospitable to them, so if you are experiencing an increase in wildlife animals, you likely have easy access to food, moisture, and sheltering spots on display. Lots of cracks and gaps around the foundation of your property or on the roof of your structure may also encourage wildlife to set up around interior spaces.

Where will I find nuisance wildlife?

Nuisance wildlife is typically found outdoors hiding near food areas, in dens underground, or around piles of debris. Spaces near trash cans, outbuildings, or gaps in crawl spaces are all prime spots for nuisance wildlife to hide. If these animals invade interior spaces, they will most likely be found in basements, attics, storage spaces, or garages.

Professional wildlife control services are the best choice for locating and removing all traces of wildlife on your property, as this protects you from the harm that wildlife might inflict.

How do I get rid of nuisance wildlife?

Get rid of nuisance wildlife the effective and easy way by contacting First Choice Pest Control for local wildlife removal services. Our service technicians will provide you with effective wildlife pest control that ensures all traces of these animals are eliminated and your Brighton property is returned to safety.

For a home pest control and commercial pest control company you can count on, contact First Choice Pest Control today and request a free quote.

How can I prevent nuisance wildlife in the future?

Prevent future nuisance wildlife problems by following our expert tips below:

  • Install a fence around your property that goes several feet into the ground to prevent wildlife from easily entering the outdoor spaces around your structure.
  • Clear outdoor areas of debris, overgrown foliage, and long grasses to remove hiding spaces.
  • Block off gaps around the foundation of your property and seal any cracks in the roof to keep wildlife out.
  • Address moisture issues both inside and outside of your property and ensure trash cans are covered to reduce wildlife scavenging.

Reach out to First Choice Pest Control today for more wildlife control advice or expert removal assistance.

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