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Ann Arbor is the center of innovation and education in Michigan. Known for its sprawling campuses and research institutions, this is a growing part of the state. But anywhere people flock to in big numbers, whether it’s to live, learn, or play, will attract pest populations.

Pest infestations are drawn to properties because they provide all that pests of all kinds need to survive. This is why Ann Arbor pest control services are important, and why you should get started on protecting your property sooner rather than later.

Residential Pest Control In Ann Arbor

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When pests get inside our yards and homes, they lead to much bigger problems. Infestations can lead to property damage, like stains and claw or bite marks as pests nest in hidden areas around your property, and even health impacts from the diseases and parasites pests can carry.

To avoid these issues, you need residential pest control that protects your Ann Arbor home from pests before they can grow into a larger problem. With help from First Choice Pest Control, the process for keeping your home pest-free is simple.

Here’s how countless property owners in Michigan have trusted us to deal with their risk of pests:

  • General pest control: If pests have invaded your home or you want to make sure they are repelled and kept outside, we offer a liquid-based treatment that’s applied around your baseboards and main living areas. We also treat storage spaces like attics and crawl spaces. 
  • Perimeter pest control: To truly keep pest infestations at bay, we offer a perimeter treatment that extends to the areas surrounding your home, creating an effective shield against pests getting into your yard.  
  • Ongoing service: We offer quarterly or monthly re-treatments depending on which package you opt for, and we back all of our services with a guarantee. We also guarantee that the price of your treatment will never increase.

Don’t wait until pests are already threatening your home before you act. Turn to First Choice Pest Control for total protection right away.

Commercial Pest Control In Ann Arbor

Pests can cause even larger problems when they invade local businesses. In Ann Arbor, businesses have to protect their reputation and nothing harms this more than the presence of pests that threaten your facility, your inventory, and the health of your customers and employees.

Commercial pest control is highly recommended because it protects both your bottom line and your standing in tight-knit communities. At First Choice Pest Control, we offer the same high-quality and specialty services to commercial properties as we do for homeowners.

Here are a few of the kinds of businesses we service in Michigan:

  • Restaurants: Food service businesses are at perhaps the highest risk of pests, given that they have abundant sources of food that pests can find stored or thrown away each and every day. Restaurants also have to worry about health inspections, which is why proper pest control is crucial. 
  • Hotels: Even hospitality properties tend to have food service areas. Plus, the presence of people staying in beds means pests like bed bugs can also be common. 
  • Medical centers: Doctors’ offices and hospitals also have factors that attract pests, and professionals in these areas need to protect patients’ health from the impacts pests can cause.

We help all these businesses and more, so no matter what kind of commercial property you own or manage in Ann Arbor, turn to First Choice Pest Control today.

The Key To Reducing The Number Of Mosquitoes In Your Ann Arbor Yard

Mosquitoes are more than a nuisance; they can actually be dangerous to your health. As parasites that bite people to feed on our blood, mosquitoes not only lead to itchy bites on your skin but can actually transmit nasty diseases, too.

This is why proper mosquito control is important, not only to keep your yard habitable during the warm months when mosquitoes are most active but also to ensure that they never introduce health risks to your property.

At First Choice Pest Control, we offer yard treatments that eliminate mosquitoes and their eggs. This comprehensive approach is the most effective way to make sure mosquito populations are reduced and future mosquito infestations aren't drawn to your yard.

We help you get rid of mosquitoes the right way and protect you from their nasty bites. Contact First Choice Pest Control today to get started.

Help! Rodents Are Taking Over My Ann Arbor Home!

Rodent infestations can lead to serious consequences if they aren’t addressed quickly. House rodents lead to property damage thanks to their ever-growing front teeth, which they file down by chewing incessantly on household items. They also claw their way inside walls and storage areas in search of safe nesting grounds.

Like most pests, rodents also breed quickly, meaning the infestation can grow out of control fast. No amount of DIY traps and baits will fully address the problem, because only the experts know all the areas to inspect and treat to properly eliminate a rodent population.

Turn to First Choice Pest Control to get a handle on pest problems before they can cause damage to your home or your health. We offer inspections and services that clamp down on rodent populations quickly, as well as exclusion methods that keep them out entirely.

Get rodent control in Ann Arbor you can count on by contacting First Choice Pest Control today.

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