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While it’s considered part of the Detroit metropolitan area, locals know that Brighton feels quite separate from the urban environments that are just a short drive away. The small-town feel and recreational areas that surround this small Michigan town make it feel like we’re far away from the big city life.

But even small communities need to worry about the risks of pest infestations because pests are attracted to all kinds of structures. If you only react to infestations once they’re apparent, rather than protecting your property early on, you won’t be able to avoid the larger consequences of pest problems.

That’s where First Choice Pest Control comes in, offering pest control in Brighton that stops pests in their tracks and protects local homes and businesses from infestations. Learn how we can help address your risk of pests today.

Residential Pest Control In Brighton

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Pests in your home can be a never-ending problem once an infestation starts. Not only do pests breed quickly, but the presence of one population often brings others. For example, if you have enough insects in your home or around your yard, chances are high that spiders will also join the party.

That’s why it’s important to get started on home pest control early on before infestations have a chance to take off and lead to larger problems. With help from First Choice Pest Control, you can keep your Brighton home pest-free.

Here’s why so many local homeowners trust us to deal with their risk of pests and protect them from the consequences of this cycle of invasion:  

  • Free estimates: Once we know the size of your property and the scope of the pest problem, we offer free estimates so you know what we’ll charge for our effective services. 
  • Pest-free guarantee: We’re so confident in our treatments that we back all our services with a guarantee. If pests aren’t completely eliminated after our initial service, we’ll come back at no extra charge. 
  • Ongoing services: This kind of follow-through on our pest control commitment doesn’t stop at our guarantees. We also offer recurring treatments that ensure your home never loses its pest protection.

Turn to First Choice Pest Control to get proper protection for your Brighton home.

Commercial Pest Control In Brighton

All property owners should worry about the larger impacts of a pest infestation, but commercial property owners need to care even more. The problems that result from pests can be costly, which can spell trouble for local businesses that operate on thin margins and can’t easily shoulder the disruption that pests can bring.

Here are just some of the ways pests can damage your business and its reputation, highlighting why proper commercial pest control is a wise investment in Brighton:

  • Added costs: Trust us when we say it’s much cheaper to get proper pest protection than it is to have to address the property damage and other costly problems an infestation can lead to. 
  • Health impacts: Pests can carry diseases or lead to parasitic populations, like bed bugs, that pose direct harm to your clients and employees.
  • Reputation: All of the problems pests cause can damage your reputation in a small town, which is a fatal blow to any Brighton business.

Avoid these issues by contacting First Choice Pest Control right away.

Why Are There So Many Wasps In Brighton?

Wasps are some of the most severe yard pests to have to contend with. They sting people and pets who wander too close to their nests and, unlike bees, they don’t die after one use of their venomous stingers. Not only are insect bites and stings problematic but wasps can be attracted to all kinds of yards in Brighton.

Wasps are a good example of a pest that’s drawn in by the presence of other bugs in your yard, as well as other factors like well-shaded trees and roof overhangs that provide good areas to build their nests. Wasps both hunt insects for food as well as harvest plant nectars, so every yard can have the factors they are looking for in an ideal hunting ground.

To avoid stinging insects in Brighton, get stinging insect control that protects your yard all year long. Whether you need removal or you just want to get started on reducing the factors that attract wasps in the first place, First Choice Pest Control is here to help. Contact us today to learn more.

Signs Carpenter Ants May Be Destroying Your Brighton Home

Most people are so worried about termites that they forget about, or simply aren’t aware of, other kinds of wood-destroying insects that can threaten their homes. Carpenter ants are another common kind of home invader, and while they aren’t quite as destructive as termites, they can still lead to costly damage and be difficult to remove.

Unlike termites, which feed on wood fibers, carpenter ants bore into wooden items as a way of creating safe breeding tunnels to hide their eggs. This behavior makes our homes an attractive place to invade so they can create lots of breeding chambers. To stop this, you need carpenter ant control that defends your home from invasions in the first place.

At First Choice Pest Control, we help Brighton homeowners eliminate and protect their properties from carpenter ants and other wood-destroying pests. With our effective ant control, you’ll never be surprised by sudden damage to your home or yard.

Contact First Choice Pest Control right away to get started on true home protection. 

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Absolute first class company. The technician was unable to determine where the noise was coming from, and within a few minutes the owner of the company was here to assist the technician. Both were very respectful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this Co.

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Roger and the crew have provided us with efficient, professional and thorough pest control. Every problem weve ever had concerning pest they have eliminated. I would wholeheartedly recommend this company to address your needs.

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The technician was very helpful and made sure I was taken care of.

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I was in need of pest control company right away as i have many little ants all over the inside and outside of my house in west bloomfield. I called on tuesday, and they had technician at my house the next day at the time i had asked for. Thank you for your quick service, and i will recommend this company to anyone that i hear needs a pest control company, without getting the run around.

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Fast, efficient, knowledgeable, and informative. They guarantee there work. They were out the same day. I would use them again 100%.

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We have used this company for about three years. Great people and good results.

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