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Located on the western fringes of Detroit, Canton is a community in Wayne County. As with all neighborhoods in a sprawling urban area, local residents need to be mindful of how their day-to-day activity can attract pest infestations to their property.

Pests are drawn to our homes and businesses because these places provide all the food, water, and shelter that they need to survive. This is why densely populated areas like cities tend to have a higher concentration of pest activity. It’s smart to get started on pest control in Canton that addresses your level of risk early on.

At First Choice Pest Control, we help locals avoid and quickly eliminate pest problems before they can lead to larger issues. Learn how we can help you today.

Residential Pest Control In Canton

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There are many problems pests can cause when they invade your yard or your home’s interior. While there are certain pests that are considered more nuisances than outright dangers, it’s also important to note that the larger reason for avoiding infestations is to avoid these kinds of problems: 

  • Property damage: All kinds of pests can damage your property, not just termites or others that we think of as highly destructive. Rodents, certain species of ants, and more can all lead to wood damage, stains, and other adverse effects on your property. 
  • Health impacts: Pests are also known to carry diseases, which can spread to humans and pets through direct contact with the pests themselves or their droppings. 
  • Other pests: As one population grows, other pests will move into your property to hunt the others or compete for the same resources. This cycle of infestation is why it’s better to turn straight to the pros at the first sign of pests.

At First Choice Pest Control, we offer inspections and treatments that get rid of pests quickly before they can result in these larger impacts on your property. Contact us today to learn how we can protect your Canton home with effective residential pest control.

Commercial Pest Control In Canton

Businesses also need to worry about the effects pests can have on their property and daily operations. The added costs pests can lead to, whether it’s addressing property damage or trying to purchase products that will supposedly address them, can be difficult for small, local businesses to shoulder.

That’s why it’s better to turn to professionals for commercial pest control early on, not just once an infestation has grown enough to pose larger problems. At First Choice Pest Control, we help all kinds of local businesses avoid and quickly address infestations, even ones most people don’t think of as being at risk: 

  • Churches: Houses of worship tend to have dining halls and storage areas, both of which are attractive to rodents and other pests looking for a place to nest that’s close to food sources. 
  • Warehouses: As large, open storage areas where lots of different goods are stored, warehouses are often targeted by pests as nesting grounds.  
  • Daycares: Areas where children gather, eat, and play every day, like daycares, can attract pests and need to be well protected from pests to keep our future generations safe.

Let First Choice Pest Control protect you from pest infestations early on, before they can lead to larger disruptions to your Canton business. Contact us today to learn more.

The Secret To A Flea And Tick-Free Yard In Canton

Some pests pose direct threats to our health because they feed on our blood to survive. Parasites like fleas and ticks aren’t just a problem in homes with pets, and both of these kinds of populations can wind up invading yards and moving inside of our properties. To avoid fleas and ticks, you need to turn to experts who can inspect your property and implement treatments that actually ward off these biting pests.

At First Choice Pest Control, we implement yard treatments that shield you from fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, the three most common parasites to invade local yards. Using a mist-application system that targets breeding grounds and high-activity areas, we can completely treat your yard so these infestations aren't able to flourish.

Contact First Choice Pest Control today to get started on a one-time or recurring yard treatment plan that keeps you protected all summer and fall.

Simple Steps To A Bed Bug-Free Canton Home

There are other kinds of parasites that don’t invade yards so much as they get directly inside our homes. Bed bugs are parasites like fleas and ticks, but unlike these other types of pests, bed bugs almost exclusively inhabit indoor areas.

Bed bugs are hitchhikers that cling to hair, skin, clothing, luggage, or other used items. They do this to get rides back to our homes, where they promptly find nesting grounds that are close to where we rest our bodies. They then feed on us while we sleep or relax, allowing them to breed and lay eggs that propagate their numbers and result in itchy bed bug bites on our skin.

To avoid this cycle of infestation, you need to turn straight to the pros. Rather than trying to deal with the bed bug infestation on your own, you should turn to First Choice Pest Control. Expert bed bug control treatments are the only way to guarantee that the bed bugs are completely gone.

The biggest step you can take toward a bed bug-free home in Canton is calling the pros, so contact First Choice Pest Control today.

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