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Professional Pest Control in Davison, MI

Davison is a small suburb of Flint with all the benefits of small town living while still staying in close proximity to the hussle and bustle of the nearby big city. The town has several restaurants and shops for residents to enjoy on its main street, making it a great place to live in Eastern Michigan.

Residents in Davison deal with similar pests as other areas. These creatures invade buildings when they can’t find necessities, damaging structures and causing illnesses. Many of these animals are nocturnal and hide in hard-to-see places, so Davison, MI, pest control professionals are the best solution.

First Choice Pest Control can solve your pest problems. Our service technicians serve numerous communities in Genesee County and know how to eliminate infestations on your property.

Residential Pest Control In Davison

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While Davison is a great place to live, the area’s pests can cause headaches for residents. They invade buildings for food, water, and shelter, causing damage and spreading illnesses in hidden spaces. Removing these creatures can be ineffective and dangerous, but residential pest control professionals can help.

When you call First Choice Pest Control to end your infestation, our service technicians will find where these creatures are hiding and draw them out. We use liquid treatments inside your home, covering affected areas and common pests. We’ll also treat your perimeter, closing entry points into your house.

Recurring services are essential to keep pests out of your home long-term. We provide perimeter and general plans, servicing your home monthly or quarterly, depending on your situation. Let us know if you want to protect your home from Davison pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Davison

Commercial facilities are great places for pests. Businesses usually have storage rooms where these creatures can hide and are empty at night so they can crawl around undisturbed. While using your building, they’ll leave pathogens on surfaces, contaminate products, and damage materials. Commercial pest control services can eliminate these problems.

First Choice Pest Control will find the pests in your Davison facility. Our service technicians know the animals that invade structures and have experience in several industries. We’ll treat the interior and exterior of your building, eliminate pests, and keep others from invading.

Our ongoing services enable us to protect your facility year-round from local pests. We’ll visit your business regularly to recheck for infestations and update our preventative treatments. Give us a call to keep your business pest-free.

How To Reduce Mosquito Activity Around Your Davison Property

Mosquitoes are troublesome pests around Davison properties. Their bites can cause people to remain indoors around dawn and dusk, limiting your ability to enjoy warm weather. Most of these insects only produce annoying bites, but some can spread illnesses, making them a health concern.

These animals invade yards that provide places to hide and reproduce. Since mosquitoes can dehydrate in the sun, they prefer areas with shade. Their offspring live in still water, so they look for standing water on properties.

Mosquitoes begin biting people as soon as they arrive, so dissuading them from invading is the best way to avoid these problems. Some ways to keep mosquitoes out of your yard include:

  • Replace the water in pet bowls, bird baths, and vases weekly
  • Keep your grass cut short
  • Remove excess plant growth in your yard
  • Eliminate still water on your property

These tips can help to prevent mosquitoes, but you’ll need professional help to remove them. At First Choice Pest Control, our service technicians can lay a mist application monthly when these pests are most active and target them at all stages of their lifecycle, ensuring they don’t continue breeding.

We guarantee our mosquito services for 30 days after the initial treatment and can return for free if they remain on your property. Call us today to get started with mosquito control for your Davison home.

Why Rodent Infestations In Davison Require Professional Treatment

Davison is home to various rodents that invade properties for food, water, and shelter. Some of these creatures dig holes in yards and eat from gardens. Others invade buildings, gnawing on electrical wires and constructing nests in insulation. They carry potentially dangerous pathogens that can spread to people.

It can be tempting to attempt to remove these pests, but only professionals should perform this task. DIY (do-it-yourself) rodent removal causes unnecessary risks to your property and health. Some of the reasons why you should call professionals to remove rodents include:

  • Rodents can bite when handled, spreading illnesses
  • Professionals can quickly find the pests, limiting property damage
  • Experts use effective treatments for long-term prevention
  • Professional rodent control will find and repair any damage

When you call First Choice Pest Control, our service technicians will find signs of rodents on your property. We’ll use the best techniques to remove these pests and seal spaces to prevent future entry. We guarantee our services for a month and will return if new issues arise.

Our monthly follow-up services enable us to protect your home long-term and include general pests. Contact us to keep rodents away from your Davison property.

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