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Quality Pest Control In Lapeer, MI

Lapeer is a community-driven city that’s well-connected thanks to nearby freeways. It has everything that a person could need, which is why it’s a hub for nearby towns. There are excellent public schools, stores both big and small, and lots of public green spaces. Lapeer is also home to a train stop, which makes travel easier.

Since 2005, First Choice Pest Control has been the trusted name in quality pest control in Lapeer, MI. We put our customers first in everything we do, which means top-quality treatments, affordable pricing, and a guarantee on all of our work. First Choice Pest Control is also a family-owned business that adheres to integrated Pest Management methods for your benefit. Call us today for your free estimate!

Residential Pest Control In Lapeer, MI

First Choice Pest Control is a family-owned business that always makes the homeowners we serve our priority. We are a company that is devoted to caring for our neighbors. Our services are value-driven and designed to help you achieve long-lasting relief from pest problems. When you partner with us, you’ll be privy to our proactive communication and stellar customer support, too. 

The work that we perform is built around the Integrated Pest Management approach. Our services start with a complete inspection of your home so that we can identify pest activity as well as conducive conditions and entry points. We’ll then treat the inside of your home on a monthly basis and the exterior seven times throughout the year. This combination means protection from many of the common household invaders that you might experience. We also offer targeted services for pests such as bed bugs, fleas, and mosquitoes. For more information on home pest control in Lapeer, MI, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Lapeer, MI

Rather than risk letting pests into your place of business, consider customized pest solutions from First Choice Pest Control. We have been servicing the area’s hotels, warehouses, restaurants, and more since 2005 and continue to provide top-quality pest control today. Our commercial pest control in Lapeer, MI, is provided by highly skilled pest technicians and is in accordance with Integrated Pest Management methodologies. 

The service we provide will begin with a comprehensive inspection of your property to determine what pests are active and why. We’ll also look for the entry points that they use so we can help keep them from returning. We then perform a flush-out service and treat the perimeter of your property along with anything else that you need. We may set out rodent bait stations or take steps to eliminate specific pests like bed bugs. No matter what pests we treat, we will always guarantee the results. For more information on how we can protect your business, call us today.

Why Wildlife Activity In Lapeer Should Be Left To The Professionals

When it comes to wildlife problems in Lapeer, they are best left to the professionals for the following reasons:

  • Unpredictable nature: One of the biggest reasons why professional help is so crucial for wildlife populations is because they are crafty and wily. They are able to enter homes or the areas beneath porches without much effort. Once they’re gotten inside, they can cause a multitude of problems. 

  • Potential health risks: Wildlife may be hosting a variety of pests such as mites, fleas, and ticks. These types of pests are best avoided, as their elimination can be a highly nuanced process. Wildlife themselves can be the source of pathogens that lead to tularemia, rabies, and more.

  • State and federal guidelines: When it comes to certain wildlife such as bats, there are regulations that dictate how they are handled. In instances like these, professional intervention might be required. 

For more information on wildlife control in Lapeer, call the team at First Choice Pest Control.

How Fleas Get Inside Lapeer Homes

Fleas are parasitic pests, which means that their main mode of transportation is hitchhiking. They are very skilled at finding a host and then taking it for a free ride. Household pets are one of the most common hosts for fleas, and thus one of their most frequent modes of transportation. When cats and dogs spend time outdoors, they may pick up fleas, especially if they are not being treated for them. Going to the dog park and playing with unknown dogs may also increase a dog’s ability to pick up fleas. Once people let their pets inside, the fleas come along, too. 

Another way that fleas often get into homes is thanks to wildlife animals. Critters like rats, skunks, squirrels, and raccoons all have the ability to carry fleas with them. When they arrive at a property, they can spread fleas freely, and if animals such as squirrels were to invade an attic and they were carrying fleas, then they’d bring them inside. Fleas can also get into homes by way of secondhand furniture that hasn’t been properly cleaned or vetted. For more information on flea control in Lapeer, call First Choice Pest Control.

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Absolute first class company. The technician was unable to determine where the noise was coming from, and within a few minutes the owner of the company was here to assist the technician. Both were very respectful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this Co.

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Roger and the crew have provided us with efficient, professional and thorough pest control. Every problem weve ever had concerning pest they have eliminated. I would wholeheartedly recommend this company to address your needs.

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The technician was very helpful and made sure I was taken care of.

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I was in need of pest control company right away as i have many little ants all over the inside and outside of my house in west bloomfield. I called on tuesday, and they had technician at my house the next day at the time i had asked for. Thank you for your quick service, and i will recommend this company to anyone that i hear needs a pest control company, without getting the run around.

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Fast, efficient, knowledgeable, and informative. They guarantee there work. They were out the same day. I would use them again 100%.

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We have used this company for about three years. Great people and good results.

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