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Rodents have taken over Brighton, MI, and it’s no real wonder why. Our humid summers, cold winters, and growing population drive rodents of all kinds into our homes and businesses. Left to their own devices, these rodents can do more than just give us a scare; they can bite, scratch, and claw their way into pantries, insulated spaces, and expensive equipment.

The experienced team behind First Choice Pest Control is well versed in the dangers of rodents in Michigan. With nearly two decades of hands-on experience with rodent control, we know just how frustrating these pests can be, and what it takes to get them out for good. We offer highly effective pest control solutions for rodents of all kinds, including indoor pests like rats and mice and outdoor varieties like voles, as well as moles, which aren't rodents but do similar damage.

Are you ready to reclaim your backyard or business from the dangers of rodent infestations? You can receive pest control in Brighton today by contacting First Choice Pest Control.

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Our Approach To Your Rodent Problem

Rodent control services provided by First Choice Pest Control always begin with a thorough inspection. We want to know exactly what issues you’re facing so we can adjust our services accordingly, which include bespoke treatments for mice, voles, moles, and rats in Brighton.

In addition to looking for droppings and nests, our team also checks your crawl space, entryway, basement, and backyard for signs of pest activity. Remember: rats and mice can enter holes with the diameter of a number two pencil, so checking for unwanted activity may take some time.

Next, we apply targeted treatments to your property depending on the pest at hand.

  • Mice and voles: We seal up cracks and gaps up to six feet high with specialized rodent caulking. This ensures pests can’t reenter the building while providing a high-quality, paintable finish. We also install tamper-proof bait boxes with fast-acting, high-end bait. These baits eliminate rodents with just one feeding, ensuring a quick and simple process for you and your family.
  • Moles: Mole control services from First Choice Pest Control come with unlimited year-round visits. We rely heavily on a specialized device called BurrowRX to locate dens and eliminate moles with carbon monoxide.
  • Rats: We focus our efforts on rat eradication first, starting with bait stations and BurrowRX. Then, we seal up your property with specialized caulking after our fifth treatment. Keep in mind all rat services come with a minimum of six treatments, which ensures your property stays clean and rat-free for at least 30 days post-service. Burrowing rodents needing BurrowRX come with five follow-up treatments, offered once per month.

All home pest control and commercial pest control services from First Choice Pest Control come with a one-month guarantee. If any issues arise at the end of our treatment, we'll come back for free at our expense. Plus, if you sign up for our monthly follow-ups, you can get a monthly indoor plan which includes general pest control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First Choice Pest Control knows there are many different species of rodents in Brighton, which is why we offer one-stop-shop treatments for four different types of rodents and associated pests: rats, mice, moles, and voles. Each of these pests require targeted treatments and specialized products to remove from infested locations. Thankfully, our team is experienced with removing each pest via continual training and hands-on expertise. You’re welcome to contact us today to chat more about our rodent control solutions.

Yes. First Choice Pest Control is happy to provide exclusion work for rodent infestations in Brighton. We use carefully curated products and a plethora of hands-on experience to caulk cracks, crevices, gaps, and other vulnerable areas. We’re proud to rely on high-quality materials that will stand up against time, weather, and rodents. For example, our rodent caulk comes with a unique metal to prevent pests from getting back inside, as well as a high-end finish you can paint over to prevent rodent infestations without altering the look of your property. To learn more, call First Choice Pest Control today.

First Choice Pest Control believes in getting the job done right the first time, which is why we rely on BurrowRX to get rid of rodents. BurrowRX is a specialized carbon monoxide device designed to eliminate burrowing pests with ease. Once we fill our machine with enterprise-grade smoke oil and insert the nozzle below the soil, we can quickly locate tunnels and their networks to focus our efforts in a more effective way. Interested in learning more about BurrowRX and how it can help your property? Just reach out to First Choice Pest Control today to learn more.

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Absolute first class company. The technician was unable to determine where the noise was coming from, and within a few minutes the owner of the company was here to assist the technician. Both were very respectful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this Co.

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Roger and the crew have provided us with efficient, professional and thorough pest control. Every problem weve ever had concerning pest they have eliminated. I would wholeheartedly recommend this company to address your needs.

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The technician was very helpful and made sure I was taken care of.

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I was in need of pest control company right away as i have many little ants all over the inside and outside of my house in west bloomfield. I called on tuesday, and they had technician at my house the next day at the time i had asked for. Thank you for your quick service, and i will recommend this company to anyone that i hear needs a pest control company, without getting the run around.

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Fast, efficient, knowledgeable, and informative. They guarantee there work. They were out the same day. I would use them again 100%.

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We have used this company for about three years. Great people and good results.

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