Service Programs


Quarterly Indoor (QID)


Our Quarterly Indoor program is four treatments done every three months and covers all crawling insects and rodents. 


Monthly Indoor


For general pest, crawling insects and mice our Monthly Indoor program is a treatment applied every 30 days.


Live Trapping


Pest control isn't just for those insects and rodents in and near our home. If you are having issues with squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, skunks, or other live animals, give us a call regarding our live trapping program.  


Bed Bug Treatment


Bed bugs are something that you never think will happen to you but according to pestworld.org, more than 90 percent of pest professionals have been called to treat bed bugs in the last year. Our program consists of  three bi-weekly treatments and includes a 30 day guarantee after the final treatment. 

Perimeter Program Control (PPC)

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The Perimeter Program Control consists of seven treatments, applied every 30-40 days (weather permitting) and is a preventer of all crawling and stinging insects.


Mosquito Control (MC)


There is nothing worse then trying to enjoy your outdoor space and being constantly harassed by pesky mosquitos. Our Mosquito Control program consists of seven treatments, applied every 30 days (weather permitting) between April and October.



One Time Treatments (OTT)


For our customers who have a small issue that they don't believe will need maintenance program, we also offer a one-time treatment for all insects and rodents. 


Mole Control 


For mole control we offer a fumigant that treats main run tunnels and baits the low activity tunnels and covers 1 year with unlimited visits.